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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Crying Rose Studio Design

Crying Rose Studio Design will no longer be keeping up with 3rd party programs to post new product information. I feel that there is too much judgement and drama with these little sites. I personally don't want to log into them anymore, it has given me no inspiration what so ever to update them. I have removed all contents of this site to apply it to my new site and create categorized content when I can to improve the information given for each item I create. I have found blogger to be too limited. I have also added options for receiving both in game and emailed newsletters for my product releases. To register in game please contact me to have your registration cards delivered to you. For emails please join the new site as a member. I want to thank all my customers and long time supporters of my work for everything you have done for me, everyone has been patient and understanding with my situation and limited abilities to be online. This year I am doing several things to make sure you are informed of new product and a better way for us to keep in touch other then in-game. New Skin release of HD1 is expected by be fully launched by this weekend. Please Visit
Thank you, Katana


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